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Discover the exciting world of
Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®)

Expanded Clay Aggregate is 100% inert, high quality, durable lightweight aggregate that has been used over more than half a century in the world. The main characteristics of Expanded Clay is low density combined with high strength. ECA ® is described as “all in one" product due to more characteristics and it provides a huge range of properties vital for sustainable construction. The innovative Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) is the ultimate eco-friendly product for versatile applications and is accredited as a Green Alternative.

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) is such a wonderful discovery that it cannot be summed up in a mail hence we have an entire website which is for our customers to refer to. We kindly request you to go through the contents of the website, refer to the application video links and download the documents.

Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®), is possibly the only sustainable construction material that does not need spending a fortune for making our fragile world sustainable. To sum it up, Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) is a natural element which has been invented to protect and nurture our beautiful cities, countries and planet Earth without costing an Earth. Plus there's more to Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) than whatever mentioned here. If Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®) interests you, it would be my pleasure to share more over mail.

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Expanded Clay Aggregate (ECA ®)

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100 % Inert

Reusable Multiple Times
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Light in Weight

Reduction of 40-50% of load
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High Compressive Strength

Cylinder Compressive Strength
0.6 to 3.0 N/mm2
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Micro Porous Structure

Honeycombed Structure Of Interconnecting Voids
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Non-Toxic & Eco- Friendly

Green Material. 100% Eco-Friendly and Sustainable
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Good Water Absorption

18 to 22 % of size
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Good Water Drainage

Excellent Drainage Material
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Surface Alkalinity

7 - 8.5
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Excellent Thermal Insulation

Dry Thermal Conductivity 0.097 to 0.10 W/mK
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Excellent Sound Insulation

Good Acoustic Properties
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Termite and Pest Resistant
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Low-Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

ECA helps prevent soil cracking and crushing. Aids healthy plantation
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Excellent Fire Resistance

1 to 6 hrs - 9 to 19 cm LAC 1100 kg/m³
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Earthquake Resistant

As ECA is light in weight, it helps reduces the destructive effects of earthquake on structure
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Excellent Filtration Media

The unique structure of the expanded clay aggregate is ideally suited to water and air filtration systems

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